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English-Russian / Russian-English Translation Services

Only high quality and professionalism

The world of today is a complex global system of worldwide communication and exchange. Without any doubt, the importance of intracultural, even intranational, communication has increased significantly during recent decades. Globalization manifests itself in the increased use of translation services world-wide.

Elena provides only excellent English to Russian and Russian to English translation services at moderate prices. She ideally does any kind of translation work thanks to the diversity of her education. At this time, Elena is a leading translator in providing English to Russian and Russian to English translation services. Elena has chosen as a motto the opinion of ancient expression Numquam secundus (Never second best). She diminishes and eliminates existing barriers of communication among distant countries.

Elena based in two places throughout the year: New Orleans, LA, USA or Moscow, Russia. Elena is a published poet. Some of her poems in Russian can be found here. Translation is always interrelated with a certain cultural environment. Elena always takes into consideration the interest of the culture into which she is translating remembering that culture is deeply connected to language; and that it is also reflected accordingly in the language. She delivers her translations according to the best of our ability. She always keeps context in focus.

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